Can You Train with an Injury?

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Injuries can be very frustrating, how can you keep training? The answer to that question is…………………. it depends.

There are a couple of factors to consider, how severe is the injury and where on the body is it?

There are two different types of injuries, acute & chronic. Acute injuries happen quickly such as a sprained ankle or a fracture. Chronic injuries come on slowly such as a runner who’s knee begins to ache. These types of injuries need to be treated differently.

With acute injuries we want to prevent further damage and you may have heard of the RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), this should be done straight away to relieve pain, reduce swelling and kick off the healing process. The area may need to be immobilised. Light range of movement or light load bearing should be done as soon as possible and this will hopefully reduce the time you are out of action.

Chronic injuries can be due to poor mobility or poor mechanics. Sometimes being tight (poor flexibility) will be the cause of poor mechanics. A good mobility program can help rectify these issues.

If the injury is severe or you are unsure how to treat it, it would be best to seek a professional diagnosis (doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor) and treatment management.

So getting back to the question, most of the time you can exercise with an injury providing it’s not serious. I’m always modifying client programs to accommodate injuries or other health concerns. All your hard training doesn’t have to be in vain. The injured part of your body needs to be rested in order to recover but it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. You need to find movements that don’t aggravate it. The main thing is to listen to your body and don’t try and train through pain thinking it will go away. From stubborn personal experience, it won’t!

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