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This blog is inspired by a conversation I had with a client a couple of weeks ago. We were discussing nutrition and she said to me “ I’m not good with diets”. So true, I don’t like that word “diet”. I think it sets people up for failure. Most diets are restrictive and not sustainable for long term use. Food is meant to be enjoyed, but how do we teach ourselves to eat healthy?

I asked this client what were her typical meals for the week. Being a working mum and having a young family she doesn’t want to be cooking two different meals at dinner and also being prepared (having the ingredients available) for meal times was hard. So I suggested making a couple of subtle changes to usual eating habits:

– having a salad or vegetables as a side instead of chips/rice or bread
– replace packaged biscuits with fruit or nuts as a snack
– salads for lunch with a form of protein
– adding protein & good fat (advocado, eggs, nuts) at every meal to curb hunger
– planning meals for at least 4 days in advance and shopping for ingredients

So by not overwhelming her with information or telling her what to eat or do, these small changes to her eating have been sustained and steered her towards better nutrition. Also the other benefits of healthy eating such as less bloating, more energy, better moods and sleep and of course weight loss have also increased her reasons to eat better.

So if changes to your nutrition seem overwhelming, make small changes first and once you start feeling the benefits it will motivate you to eat better for the long term.

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