Physical Challenges – The SMART Way

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Now is a great time for setting some goals to achieve this year. When I ask new clients why they have chosen to use a personal trainer, majority will have generalised goals like lose weight , get fit or be healthier which are fantastic reasons to exercise and eat well, but why not set yourself some SMART physical challenge goals (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant & time bound) and then the general longer term goals will be a by product of your training, not the focus. Also the satisfaction of completing a physical challenge will keep you motivated and focused which often leads to following through on more positive lifestyle changes.

Let’s have a look the 5 steps to setting a SMART physical challenge goal:

Specific – the event you choose is itself specific to what you want to achieve

Measureable – the event distance or completing the event makes it measureable

Attainable – do you have the time to put in the training for the event? Make sure the event is not too hard, but challenging enough to feel satisfaction on completion

Relevant – do an event that motivates and challenges you, something that you are interested in

Time Bound – the event commencement date will be your deadline to be ready

My own physical challenges this year which are my SMART goals to keep me motivated and committed with my training will be MCG Stadium Stomp, Round the Bay in a Day and Eureka Stair Climb. I have a couple of other events I’ll likely do but these will be the three events I am fully committed to completing and will focus my training around them. You can choose to join me on any/all of these events or there are plenty of other great events around Victoria during the year.

We’ll also be doing mini physical challenges each month as part of our group training sessions. I’m happy to help you work out what physical challenge you’d like to achieve this year and devise a plan to get you there. Talk to me at your next training session.

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