Tips to Avoid Too Much Xmas Cheer

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The silly season is well and truly in swing and it’s very easy to let your health and fitness slip by the wayside. Even if you stick to good nutrition and training during the week, just one binge on the weekend can undo all your hard work of the week. I’m not saying we have to be perfect and not enjoy ourselves but you need to focus on consistent progress to achieve your goals.

SO if you want to stay committed to your goals here’s some tips to help see you through the festive season:

  1. Train on the weekend – if you schedule in a training session both Friday and Saturday you are more likely to make better decisions around food and alcohol. Book a PT or group session or meet up with a friend to make you accountable to turn up.
  2. Set boundaries on alcohol – heavy drinking increases our desire for junk/naughty foods, not to mention the empty calories you are consuming as well. Your body is also focused on removing alcohol from your system instead of burning fat. Limit yourself to two standard drinks.
  3. Make healthier choices when eating out – there are lots of great choices on menus. For example: order a side salad, don’t eat the bread roll, say no to dessert, stay away from fried foods.
  4. Be the designated driver – you will be thanking yourself in the morning.
  5. Get some incidental exercise – park further away from work, walk to the station, walk at lunch time, walk the dog, take the kids to the park or the pool. Be as active as you can.
  6. Set a reward – if you stick to your goals buy yourself something you really want or book that massage or facial.

If you are comfortable with the fact that you won’t see the results you want by over indulging during the festive season, at least try and maintain what you’ve achieved so far. We can then discuss and set some new goals for 2016.  There will be some great new programs and sessions commencing in 2016 at Precision so stay tuned.

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