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Several clients have asked me recently what are the best training styles? I could write a book rather than a blog on all the different styles of training and the methods within the styles for different outcomes but here’s a little information about each:

HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training) – timed short, intense bursts of training (working as hard as you can safely) with timed rest periods. Mainly uses bodyweight exercises and plyometrics (power/explosive bodyweight exercises). Best for fat loss.

WEIGHT/RESISTANCE TRAINING – different variables for this type of training include:
– Participant experience, age and goals
– Repetitions, sets, rest period, speed of movement and exercise choice

Depending on the above, best for strength, power, hypertrophy (tone), muscular endurance and weight management

STEADY STATE CARDIO – low to medium intensity exercise which you can maintain for an amount of time such as walking, running, cycling, rowing or swimming. Best for improving heart health, burns calories, aids exercise recovery, reduces risk of lifestyle related diseases, better sleep & reduces stress.

PILATES – there are different forms of pilates, from working on the floor to clinical. Benefits include better posture, strengthening and flexibility of the muscles with emphasis on core muscles, rehabilitation.

YOGA – like weight training there are different variables for this type of training but the benefits include increasing strength and flexibility, better balance, increases focus and concentration and meditation/relaxation.

CROSSFIT – is a form of HIIT. It’s a high intensity full body workout that combines cardio and weights to build strength and conditioning. The workouts constantly change and are scalable to your ability which is important as due to its high intensity there is a risk of injury if proper technique is not followed. Benefits include many of the above that I have already mentioned given the programming incorporates both HIIT and weight/training.

To find what type of training will work best for you, there are some questions –


If anyone would like to go more in depth into what I’ve written today, send me a message or talk to me at your next training session.

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