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prioritiesWelcome to my new website and first blog post.

I’m looking forward to providing you with lots of useful information and inspiration to help you on your health and fitness journey.  I would love your feedback and comments with regard to my blogs.  First topic for discussion and a really important one is “Priorities”.

Do you find yourself saying “I don’t have time to workout?”. Why is that?  Because you’re not making it a priority. There are 24 hours in the day and hopefully we are spending  7-8 hours sleeping so that leaves 16 hours of time for what’s important to you. What do you do with that time? Try keeping a diary for a day in 30 minute increments.

How much time do you spend watching TV, surfing the internet or Facebook?  Could you get out of bed half and hour earlier? Is it feasible to hire a cleaner for an hour or two each week? Look at what’s important to you.  Is being healthy a big enough priority?

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Melissa is head trainer and owner of Precision Personal Training. Health and fitness is her life passion. With over 7 years experience in the industry she is committed to educating her clients about the long term benefits of exercise and healthy eating.

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