What is Mobility?

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Mobility means the ability to move freely and easily. Do you feel like all parts of your body can move freely and easily?

As we age its common for our bodies to stiffen depending on our level of activity. The old saying “use it or lose it” definitely applies to mobility. So what can we do to alleviate tightness and pain and get our bodies moving as freely as possible?

Whether you do personal or group training, I incorporate myofascial release (using the spiky ball, foam roller or hand roller) together with dynamic stretching as part of a workout warm-up. Funny how when using the hand rollers for the first time I never heard one client complain it hurt, only noises of joy (lots of ooohs & aaahs) when you felt those tight muscles release.

So what exactly are you doing to your body, when you’re pressing & rolling your body parts?

Your muscles are covered by a band of connective tissue called fascia which supports & protects muscles, joints and bones. Fascia is one of three types of connective tissue, ligaments and tendons being the other two. Trigger points (thick, tough or knotted tissue) in your fascia can restrict or alter the motion of your joints. So by using the above tools we can help release those trigger points and therefore mobilise the joints to move with a better range of motion. I definitely recommend doing mobility work as part of your workout routine or even as a 10-15 minute session on its own. Pilates is also very beneficial to the mobility, flexibility and stability of joints. Massage is another great way to release those tight muscles.

The benefits of incorporating mobility work into your exercise routine is better posture, an increase in flexibility, better joint range of motion and less body stiffness/tightness. And it feels great!!

If anyone would like a mobility program to do at home please talk to me after one of our sessions.

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